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Presuming you are in fact a licensed driver elsewhere, getting a Chinesedriver's license is simple but will take you about a week’s time and will eatup a few hours of paperwork collection and a few hours of test prep.


(If you’ve never had a license before, that’s another story entirely – there’smore tests and possibly the requirement of enrolling in a local driving course-- and is beyond the scope of this article.).


If you work for a foreign embassy or consulate or are a representative of aninternational organization, you may be exempt from the below under theprinciple of diplomatic reciprocity. Also, if you hold a driving licenseissued by Belgium or the United Arab Emirates, you may also be exempt, againunder a reciprocity agreement.


As for the rest of us, you will be required to take a written theory testconsisting of 100 questions, all of which are either multiple choice or trueor false.


The test is available in ten languages, including English, French, German,Japanese, Russian, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.(Unfortunately, translations may not be perfect, so be prepared for achallenge.) At least 90 correct answers are required to pass. Applicant have45 minutes to complete the test, and if you fail the first time around (andthere’s time left on the clock), you can immediately try a second time.


If you fail on your two attempts, you will be required to wait 30 days beforetaking it again.


The Paperwork


Here’s what you’ll need to register for the text:


  1. A valid passport with a valid visa or residence permit, with at least three months remaining on both.

  2. 持有有效签证或居留许可的有效护照,两者至少还有三个月的期限。

  3. An original household registration (or proof of hotel stay for non-residents).

  4. 户口原件(或非居民入住酒店的证明)。

  5. Your valid foreign driver’s license and an official Chinese translation of it, stamped with one of those fancy red chops. You will also need a copy of the business license of the translation company, again with a nice red stamp on it.


  1. A Driver’s license health exam (驾驶员体检 jiashiyuan tijian). This is a specialized test required for driving licenses that can be done cheaply at most (but not all) hospitals in Beijing (If you speak Chinese, call ahead and ask if they offer the 驾驶员体检 jiashiyuan tijian exam. If you can’t, have a Chinese-speaking friend call for you). It doesn’t take long — the nurse takes your blood pressure, administers an eye exam and checks to see if you have all the right body parts to drive (including opposable thumbs and at least 3 fingers on each hand). It costs RMB 20, is valid for three months. Bring your passport at the time of application.


  1. A bunch of 1-inch photos with a white background, no headwear. Get them done at one of the myriad copy shops around the city, tell them you need a driver’s license photo (they’ll know the routine). Save yourself some time and do this step last, and while you’re there, make copies of all the documents you’ve collected from the above. The entire licensing process takes about 6 photos; get some spares while you’re at it (the copy shop I went to printed them out in sheets of 9 -- which was a bit of overkill -- but at least I didn’t come up short).


Registering for the Test


Armed with all of the above, you may now trek down to the Beijing MotorVehicle Administration 北京市公安局公安交通管理局 běijīng shì gōng'ān jú gōng'ān jiāotōngguǎnlǐ jú (18 South Fourth Ring Road East, Chaoyang District朝阳区南四环东路18号十八里店南桥, 8762 5150). Unfortunately, it’s not close to any subwaystation. (The closest subway station is 成寿寺 Chengshousi, where you have totransfer to a bus for another six-stop ride, and then walk a good 420m to thebureau.)


Please note that there are multiple Motor Vehicle Administration offices inBeijing, but the one listed above is the only one with a Foreign AffairsSection, so you’ll have to trek out there. And at least two trips to thisbureaucratic outpost are required to get the license.


Upon arrival, go to the Foreign Affairs Section (涉外业务服务大厅 shewai yewu dating),for which there is no obvious sign. Walk into the main hall, ignore ALL of thewindows you see, and take a sharp left, where you’ll eventually see a tinysign for the bathroom. Walk past this, behind a pillar, head past thebathrooms and you’ll finally see the sign for the Foreign Affairs section.


Staff are cordial and speak some English. At the time of registration for yourexam, there is a fee of RMB 50. You can pay in cash, WeChat Pay or Alipay.


All of your documents will then be examined. If they in order, you will beable to register for the exam (though not on the same day). Exams areadministered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.30am or 2pm.


Preparing for the Exam


Getting 90 out of 100 questions correct doesn't leave a lot of room for error,especially when failure means a delay in registering for another test, and yetanother trip to an inconveniently-located municipal government office.


Luckily, the free website offers English study guides and sample tests. Noregistration is required, and both the form of the test and content arevirtually identical to the actual examination.

幸运的是,免费的网站 chinesedrivingtest. com 提供英语学习指导和测试样本。不需要注册,考试的形式和内容几乎与实际考试相同。

There’s also a few phone apps available that use the actual test questions andkeep track of your progress. Laowai Drive Chinese Test is the original and isworth every penny of the few dollars you’ll pay.


You will not likely pass going in unprepared. While about 70% of the questionsare common sense (things like “Drivers should yield to pedestrians in thecrosswalk”), the remaining 30% are regarding regulations that drivers fromother countries would not normally know, such as specific RMB fines issued forcertain traffic violations, or what parts a driver of a semi-truck needs todetach when disconnecting the trailer (the answer, for those curious, is the“connectors of the braking lines and cable plugs for lights”).

你不太可能毫无准备地通过考试。虽然大约70% 的问题是常识性的(比如“司机应该在人行横道上向行人让步”) ,但其余30%的问题涉及其他国家的司机通常不知道的规定,比如对某些交通违规行为处以人民币具体罚款,或者半卡车司机在断开拖车时需要分离哪些部件(对于那些好奇的人来说,答案是“刹车线的连接器和灯的电缆插头”)。

If you take the English exam, you’ll also have to parse some weirdtranslations, which in some cases can mean the answers all sound the same. Forinstance: What’s the difference between “a direction line for a driving line”and a “direction guide line”? Who knows, other than the former is judged to bea right answer and the latter is considered wrong.


How to Study


Use the app. It tracks your progress and allows you to review only the onesyou get wrong.


In some cases the translations are finicky; don’t worry, just memorize thecorrect response. For example, check these two very similar questions and notetheir respective correct answers:

在某些情况下,翻译是很挑剔的; 别担心,只要记住正确的答案就行了。例如,检查这两个非常相似的问题,并注意它们各自的正确答案:

Each 100-question sample test takes about 10-15 minutes to blaze through andtells you the right answer for each question; I took the test about 8 timesbefore scoring my first passing grade of 90; it took me 40 tries to score aperfect 100. On test day I scored 98.

每100个问题的样本测试大约需要10-15分钟才能通过,并告诉你每个问题的正确答案; 我参加了大约8次测试,然后得到了我的第一个及格分数90;它花了我40次尝试得到一个完美的100分。考试那天我得了98分。

Taking the Test on Test Day


On the day of your exam, return to the Beijing Motor Vehicle Administration.Bring your passport and the exam ticket you were given when you scheduled yourtest. Aim to arrive 15 minutes before the test. When the time comes, you’ll beled upstairs into a moribund testing room and assigned a terminal, and you canbegin.


Once you've completed the test, you'll get your score immediately at the frontof the room. If you’ve passed, you’ll then be instructed to go back downstairsto Window 4 in the foreign affairs section to pay an additional RMB 10 fee.


Now you have a choice: return to this office after three working days tocollect the license (this is the only part of the process that a designatedrepresentative may complete on your behalf), or go to Window 13 in the mainroom and request EMS courier delivery (RMB 20). Be sure to have your Chineseaddress handy. Your license will be sent to you after three business days.


Your license is valid for six years, a date that is not tied to the validityof any other document, including your passport, visa, or home country driver'slicense.






Integrated Develop Environment 集成开发环境

常见的如MS的Viusal Studio系列,Borland的C++ Builder,JBuilder, c#Builder,还有很fashion的Eclipse、Visual slickedit等等展开全部

IDE设备信息,IDE接口信息 /proc/ide
IDE设备信息显示的是主板上连接的硬件设备情况。由于现在大多数主板只支持两个IDE接口,因此最多只能连接四个IDE设备,图中“PrimaryMaster”表示接在第一个IDE接口上的主IDE设备,“Primary Slave”表示接在第一个IDE接口上从IDE设备,“SecondaryMaster”表示接在第二个IDE接口上的主IDE设备,而最后的“SecondarySlave”则表示接在第二个IDE接口上的从IDE设备。如果你的电脑连接了四个IDE设备,那么上述四个地方就会分别显示出相应的设备名称。
一般来说,我们都是把装有操作系统的硬盘接在第一个IDE接口上,而且设置为主设备。这时,“PrimaryMaster”后面就会显示出该硬盘信息(图中没有连接主硬盘,所以没有显示出来)。紧接着IDE设备信息后面显示的是系统软驱的信息,如果连接正常就进入下一个画面,不正常就会显示图中所示的“Floppydisk(s) fail(40)”的错误信息。


Integrated Develop Environment 集成开发环境


Integrated Develop Environment



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